Frequently Asked Questions


How can we choose between our friends to participate in our bridal party?

Responsible and sober people are the two best answers to make sure your needs are met during your special day. During your rehearsal or sometime before your wedding one of our staff will talk to your Best Man and Maid of Honor and any other people you may like to include of specific duties we will like them to do to make sure your event is executed as planned.

How can I make my wedding different than a traditional wedding?

We will incorporate any spiritual or religious traditions you like to include. We work with a variety of vendors and designers to assure your night is unique to your love story. Just let us know what you like or we can offer a variety of fun ideas and special touches for your day.

As a bride, what can I do to help make the planning process run smoothly?

Communicate with us by phone, email, text, whichever works for you! We are here to listen and carry out your wishes, so the more you communicate with us, the better! Share your vision, thoughts, challenges, family dynamics, budget etc,  and we will take care of everything! We will set due dates for payment policies and wedding decisions to keep you on task and with open communication and adhereing to deadlines, the planning process with run smoothly.

What are the most popular months to hold weddings in Colorado?

Late June thru September are the most popular,  with rain back-ups a necessity for any event.

How can I control by bar cost?

This is an area where you can have a lot of flexibility, however, each venue is may have their own policies. Some options may include

A) Choose a bar level package based on various liquors which are priced per hour per person;

B) Pay "on consumption", meaning we count the drinks your guests drink thru the night and then add the total of drinks at the end of the night and you pay for what they drink/consume that night.

C) You can choose to pay a certain budget amount for the night, so you can say "I want to pay $2500.00 usd for drinks" and then when the total bar prices total 2500.00 USD then we tell you we have hit that limit. At that time, you can tell us to announce to the guests the remaining drinks will be on a cash basis, or you can choose to continue monitoring the drinks and increase the bar tab. We are here to help and make sure you have a wedding to suit your budget, so we can give you many options!

What time can I begin my wedding ceremony?

This varies per venue and season.  

How do I choose a menu?

Venues offer a variety of buffets and plated meals to accommodate a range of budgets. Let us know what tickles your palate and we will find you what you desire. Yes, we can substitute meals for organic, gluten free, vegetarian and any other diet special requests!

Why should I hire a professional wedding planner?

First and foremost, we are with you from start to finish, to include planning, as well as take care of you during your stay and coordinate your wedding day events until the very last guest leaves. The personalized service you and your family will receive from our staff is impeccable. We save your time and money, we make your dream come true, we do the running around so you can spend time with your friends and family, we negotiate and mediate contracts, we offer timelines and keep you on track on your wedding day, we prepare budgets and assist in making decisions so you have the perfect wedding you dream of within your working budget. This is our job, so leave one of the most important days of your life to the professionals. You should not have to work on your wedding day. Enjoy it and leave the work to us!

Do you offer “day of coordination” wedding services?

Yes, but as professionals cannot just "show-up" on the day of your wedding and run an event, we start our process 60 days out so we can speak and/or meet with your vendors to assure everything can be executed per your contracts. 

Do you offer a ceremony rehearsal before our wedding?

Yes, we schedule the rehearsal the evening before the wedding day, usually before your Welcome Party or Rehearsal Dinner. We ask the bridal party, family members being seated and Officiant to be present, as well as any readers and ushers so all is educated on their duties and order on the wedding day. 

Who should host the Rehearsal Dinner or Welcome Party?

Traditionally, the Groom’s parents host this event the night before the wedding. For destination weddings,  a Welcome Party is offered to all guests coming to your wedding. If you are on a limited budget, then you can host an intimate rehearsal dinner with your bridal party and family members and then go out with friends after the event.

Can I have a memory chair or area for loved ones who have passed?

 Yes, we can dedicate an chair with a rose, photo, and/or name during the ceremony. During the reception, we can also decorate a small table with candles and/or photos of loved ones.

Can we choose our own vendors?

Yes! We prefer to work with professional vendors as it takes a team to execute an impeccable event, however, if you choose your own vendors you need to be aware of the contractual obligations and costs before signing the dotted line.